Stable Yard Music Hire Terms & Conditions

I agree that during this Hire Agreement...

1.   The Instrument remains the property of Stable Yard Music Ltd and hire payments do not contribute towards buying the Instrument.

2.   I shall make monthly payments by Direct Debit each month.

3.   Stable Yard Music Ltd will carry out free maintenance for normal wear & tear.

4.   I shall inform Stable Yard Music Ltd if I change my address.

5.   I shall pay for repairing any damage to the Instrument except fair wear & tear.

6.   If I lose the Instrument I shall pay Stable Yard Music Ltd the instrument value.

7.   If my payments are late I shall pay an extra penalty charge of £10 per week.

8.   At the end of hire I shall return the instrument at my own cost and pay for damage or repairs if Stable Yard Music Ltd judge damage has occurred (except wear & tear).
9.   If Stable Yard Music Ltd cancels this agreement I shall promptly return the Instrument.

10. I shall sign up to for Direct Debit payments and I authorise Stable Yard Music Ltd to take payments from this account for the monthly payments, overdue hire, damage repairs, or loss of the instrument if necessary.

Care of the Instrument
All good instrument teachers give training in the correct handling of the instrument to avoid damage. You should also be careful not to leave the instrument in very hot or cold places (e.g. near a radiator or heater, in a vehicle in cold weather, or in a vehicle in hot sunny weather).

Free maintenance - General maintenance of the hire instrument against normal wear and tear is FREE whilst you are hiring (although costs of repairing damage will need to be paid for by you). The various consumables of an instrument (eg. reeds, strings, cleaners, cork grease etc.) are NOT covered by this free maintenance. This means that we will keep the instrument in good playing order for you but various accessories may need replacing at your expense from time to time.

Damage - Through inexperience many learners will at some time cause damage to their instrument, very often without even noticing how it has occurred. Damage is quite different from general wear and tear and the cost of repair is not easy to predict until the repair is completed. To support our customers we always attempt to repair damage free of charge if the job is not too large, but where significant cost is incurred we have to charge you the cost of repair.

Loss - If you lose the instrument, you would need to pay us the instrument value

Insurance - We recommend hire customers insure the hire instrument. This is not included in the hire price. It is worth checking with your home insurer as some people have adequate home contents insurance cover. Some people even prefer not to pay for insurance but will take on the cost themselves if something goes wrong. In all cases we leave the decision up to you, but we do strongly recommend that you have some sort of insurance against loss or major damage. For specialist musical instrument insurance we recommend Allianz Musical Instrument Insurance.

By hiring one of our instruments you agree to our terms and conditions.